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October 11, 2005



There is one more key factor to consider in this series when trying to compare these two teams to the old 2004 versions. The Houston bullpen. DTS touched on the two teams 2005 regular season bullpen ERAs above however if you remember back to last year's NLCS, Houston for all intents and purposes had one reliever, Lidge. The Cardinals feasted on Wheeler, Qualls, Miceli and Co. when they were called upon in Oct '04. Houston's '05 firefighters are throwing very well so far this postseason (I don't have the stats to back this up, this is just the perception of someone who has watched a lot of baseball over the years). Will the Astros middle and setup guys continue to pitch well or will they once again wilt in the NLCS? Just something to consider. If they improve at all over last years performance, the Astros may be able to punch their ticket to the World Series.


Also, look for Chicago to blow out the Angels in Game 2 of the ALCS tonight. Too much travel, too little sleep. Anyone who has ever pulled an all-nighter knows that it's not the next day that gets you, it's the day AFTER the next day.

Greenies can only get you so far. CHW 11


Congratulations to MLB for issuing those "2005 Postseason" team hooded sweatshirts and letterman style jackets. You've taken a page out the NFL's handbook and have taken a great stride towards making all of your teams look the same. Well done. IDIOTS!

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