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October 12, 2005



RAstros manager Phil Garner is making excuses for Pettite: The Cardinals were surprised to hear that Astros manager Phil Garner offered an excuse for Pettitte's performance. Garner said Pettitte took a line drive on the right knee, off Oswalt's bat, as he ran the bases during batting practice, which raises the question, "WHY THE HELL IS YOUR STARTING PITCHER
Ha ha!

D. Derel

Replay in baseball for homerun calls only. Stadiums like Minute Maid with their random, painted lines for the home run wall are too difficult to judge with the naked eye sometimes. The official scorer can review the video while the batter is circling the bases, or while a manager appeals. It should be something that takes no more than 15 seconds to view/make a ruling. Of course, Fox will lobby for a two minute break so they can squeeze in three commercials and one promo.
Other than that, I agree, no instant replay in baseball.

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