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November 13, 2005


D. Derek

I think CU used silver as an "accent color" and went a little nutty with it. They definitely wore it a lot in basketball, often at home rather than white uniforms, but I think the football team generally wore black and white during the Neuheisal era. Regardless of what they've been wearing recently, I think all fans, both CU and non-CU fans, should be pleased that they axed those old UCLA-like uniforms they wore in the early 80s. I always laughed when the old-school Big 8 announcers called them the "fighting Buffs" while they were prancing around in powder blue and yellow.
As a KU fan, I won't miss Brad Smith all that much. Then again, he had three horrible games against us so maybe I should. But I do feel glad for him that he's almost out from under the yoke of unrealistic expectations that has weighed on him since he destroyed Illinois in his first game. Great player, for sure, but he's always had this cloud of unfullfilled potential over him because he didn't become, say Vince Young. Enjoy your freedom, Brad. You earned it.


I did a little research. Interestingly enough, the official colors of CU are silver and gold. According to the book Glory Colorado, these colors were adopted by the class of 1888, as a symbol of the mineral wealth of this state. But in 1921, as football became more popular, there were complaints from the students that silver and gold did not look good on football jerseys. In fact, silver and gold ended up looking like dirty gray and dark yellow. It wasn't until 1959 that the football team changed its jerseys to black with yellow. And although the football team seems to have set the trend with its color choice, CU still has the official colors of silver and gold. So that Missouri fan at the bar was almost right, he was only off by 45 years or so. Although i like his story better. Can you imagine Barnett's conversation if that drunk's story was true?

CU Athletic Dir: Welcome aboard Gary!

Gary Barnett: I want to change our colors.

AD: What?

GB: Our colors. Silver and Gold sucks. I want Black and Gold. Black and Gold looks better on a football uniform.

AD: Well Gary, there's more than the football team to consider here. Silver and Gold have been our colors since 1888. What about all the other teams that we have besides football? Not to mention the thousands of athletes who have worn Silver and Gold proudly over the last 100+ years? And the alumni! My God what will people say? Silver and Gold has defined the University since the very beginning!

GB: I want Black and Gold.

AD: Gary, I really don't think we can pull that off. Just out of curiosity, why?

GB: Because of Missouri.

AD: Pardon?

GB: Missouri. You know the Tigers? I like them. I want my football team to look like them.

AD: You mean the University of Missouri in Columbia? The school that we share a conference with and have been competing against all these years?

GB: Yep. I want to honor Mizzou by changing Colorado's school colors to Black and Gold.

AD: Ok.


Barnett is a Mizzou alum, so that scenario is entirely possible....


Now you're starting to sound like that drunk in the bar.

It was nice reading an objective Missouri fan's viewpoint in your posting above. All of the Tiger fans around here that I know are so far gone it's unbelievable. You wrote a month or so ago about the Astros hanging a banner that boasted "2005 Wild Card Champions", well, that's what's going on here with these Mizzou fans. This morning one of my co-workers met me in the hallway and said "We're going bowling!". Then he pawed at the air in front of him with his hand a la Catwoman, and made a feeble attempt at a Tiger roar with his vocal chords. I tried to stare at him dumbfounded but I couldn't keep a straight face. For most of the folks around here, this bowl season will give 'em something to talk about for at least 5 years to come.

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