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December 11, 2005



apropos nothin' but:
AD Eulogy by Toronto's TheEye.net
and S.O.B.
and Send a postcard


hi. this is rachel. i work for
judah friedlander, one of the actors from "Feast".
i dig your site.
but i was wondering if you could take the link to judah's site (
judahfriedlander.com) for the "Feast" trailer off - because his site does
not have the "feast" trailer on it. it
was only up for about 48 hours 3 months ago. judah still get emails from
pretty pissed off dudes 'cause they go to his site expecting the trailer and
then can't find it.
thanks. let me know if it's not a hassle for you to do that.
any questions, feel free to email me back. or you can contact judah
directly at judah@judahfriedlander.com

take it easy.


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